Vision Climbing

My story…

Vision climbing is not just another startup company looking to make a quick buck.   My customers love our shapes. They love the durability of the polymer. Those who know Vision Climbing and its products are repeat customers. 

I am basically a business of 1, with the help of a friend here and there.  I do everything in house, nothing is out-sourced.  This allows me to have complete control over every aspect of my product.  I have a degree in chemistry from Carnegie Mellon University and started climbing my senior year. After graduation I traveled and climbed and lived out of my van for 10 years. It was during this time I started wondering how I was going to support myself in the long run.  It was pretty logical really, I just combined the two things I knew a lot about:  chemistry and climbing. By 2001 I knew I would start my own business. Within a year, Vision Climbing was born.

I spent several years requesting sample kits from polyurethane manufacturers but I never really found what I wanted.  I was using a company that, at the time, was pretty good.  I started combining different urethanes to get to the properties I was looking for. I would study and test other hold companies’ polymer and record what I liked and disliked about each of them. Eventually I came up with a composition that has all the properties I was looking for.  Once I developed this specific polymer I contacted as many manufacturers as I could to see if they had a urethane with these properties or could synthesize one for me.  I found a company that went out of its way to specifically provide Vision’s polyurethane. I am extremely proud of the polymer that I spent years researching and developing.

Today I have evolved to leverage my education and talents to bring you exactly what you expect:  shapes that are unique and innovative, extremely durable, environmentally friendly and best of all… affordable.  Vision Climbing will continuously strive to be a leader in the industry, a pioneer of new technologies while maintaining a competitive price point.


Mission Statement

Vision Climbing provides the serious climber a wide variety of artificial polyurethane climbing holds.  Our goal is to continuously offer new and innovative shapes that are creative yet functional, as well as ergonomically comfortable.  We want to keep you psyched and motivated to train hard. Staying fit and having fun is all well and good but sending that special problem is what it’s all about.