Creative art work

Vision Climbing can have some fun with hold colors.  Unlike other companies that only stick with one solid color, we can make layers, swirls and artsy dribbles.


Here is something we can do that really sets us apart;  we can take an existing hold and completely alter its shape.  That’s right.  For example, we can take a slopey hold and add a dent in the side to make it more positive.   The possibilities are endless.  If you have an idea for an alteration, let us know and we will make it just for you.

Short pours

What’s a short pour? Well take any hold and stop short of the full depth of the hold and boom, you have a short pour.  


Holds are expensive.  We get that.  But with everything going on in the world we all deserve a break.  Vision Climbing is currently keeping our costs as low as possible just for you.